/Caring for Wood Furniture to Make it Last

Caring for Wood Furniture to Make it Last

Wooden furniture is much preferred because it can present soft and warm nature in your house . Wood also suitable to combined in various types of designs, whether it’s minimalist, modern, to classic designs. But unfortunately, the color of wooden furniture can quickly fade, if not cared for properly. For that, care needs to be taken so that this wooden furniture can last and the color remains beautiful like when you just bought it.

Keep away from direct sunlight
Most people placed their wooden furniture in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, this can actually make your wooden furniture damaged. So you should avoid placing wooden furniture in areas that exposed to sun for a long time.

Infrared radiation
Infrared radiation will increase the temperature of wooden furniture. When the sun dissipates at night, the temperature of the wooden furniture will drop rapidly. Cold shrinkage and continuously rapid thermal expansion in the long run will make wooden furniture warp and brittle.

AC Usage
In addition, moisturizing wood furniture is also important. At home, we may use air conditioners which will caused the air to become dry. As a result, the wood will lose its moisture and cause deformation, cracking, and other problems. If this is allowed the furniture will be damaged.

Give a special candle for furniture
Wax wood furniture once a year to lock in moisture. Wooden furniture needs nourishment. Wiping with a damp cloth to keep it moist is not enough. We need to apply a special wax to the wood furniture to lock the moisture in the wood and effectively prevent the furniture from drying out and deforming. Gently apply wood wax to the surface and then wipe with a cotton cloth to reduce dust adhesion and increase gloss.