/Cheap and Fancy Under Stair Cabinet

Cheap and Fancy Under Stair Cabinet

The space under the stairs is one of the house space that is not maximally touched. Some space under the stairs actually looks messy because it is used as a “warehouse” to store various items. To make it look more presentable, storage of goods under the stairs can equipped with shelves or cabinets.

By the cupboard under the stairs, your house will look more presentable and well ordered. The cabinet can also used for putting some items such as shoes, books or other displays. With smart calculation and budgeting, you can find furniture that fits with the small space or more challenging space and will make a big difference in your home. No more messing up the aisle with rows of shoes or finding a place to hang your coat. Look at the hall or area under your stairs and find out what space you can use.

A minimalist, colorful model and so on will make the house more attractive. For that we need the right furniture selection for your home type, both in terms of raw materials, models, finishing and other supporting factors. Shallow cabinet walls make storage without disturbing the room, utilizing minimal space for maximum hidden volume. The area under the stairs is a place to store unsightly items. So instead of stuffing everything carelessly into a cupboard, consider breaking the area up into shelves or drawers. That way, the space will work more optimally for you. Think about putting in different shapes and sizes of cabinets to hide everything from brooms, books to ironing boards.