/Choice of Facade Materials to Make Your Home Looks Beautiful

Choice of Facade Materials to Make Your Home Looks Beautiful

The comfort of a house is more dependent on the interior design. However, the exterior of the house is also important to note, because if there is a problem, the impact will also affect the interior. One of the exterior elements that need extra attention is the facade. As the part that first seen, the appearance of the facade is deservedly attractive. However, just being interesting is not enough. The choice of facade material must consider the other elements, such as resistance to weather or the climate in the area you live.

The right material or finishing is useful to avoid building damage that can arise due to the weather. As your reference in choosing facade materials, here are 5 choices of materials that are not only strong, but can also beautify your facade.

Exposure Bricks
Although not a new thing, in recent years, the use of exposed brick has become popular again, especially in residential areas with industrial concepts and tropical touch. The trend of using exposed brick is not only applied to the interior of the house, but also used as facade material. In addition to the relatively cheap price, exposed bricks are also very strength. However, when using exposed brick as a facade material, you still need to coat it regularly to avoid mold and mildew.

This facade material is effectively applied to hot and humid tropical climate. Shaped like hollow brick, this material allows for openings and becomes a pathway for air circulation and the entry of light through the holes. When exposed to light, these cavities can cast a unique shadow in your building. Roster is available in several options, some are made of clay, cement, even concrete with gray color. To avoid damage due to moss, the roster should be coated with a special coating of stone material.

The use of wood as a building material is always popular because it can give natural impression, starting from the floor, walls, to the facade of the house. Its natural look seems timeless. However, if it is used for the facade of the house, you need to choose the right type of wood because not all wood is suitable to applied to the exterior of the house. As an option, you can use ironwood, teak, bengkirai, or merbau. The three woods have good quality and resistance to water and weather changes, and have a fairly hard texture so they are not easily weathered.

Exposure Cement
This material is also has many fans. Especially at this time, exposed cement as a facade material seems to be the choice of many homes for millennials. Its unfinished look is perfect for a house with industrial concepts. Exposed cement has many advantages: it easy to apply, resistant to weather, and affordable prices. However, some people think that exposed cement will make the house look dirty and damp quickly. Actually, this can be prevented by applying a waterproof coating.

Natural Stone
Natural stone is a familiar material used as a building facade material. It is often found in old buildings or government buildings, but it is not uncommon for homeowners to use natural stone as a facade material for their houses. Although it gives old look, the strength of natural stone is unquestionable. Natural stone can last tens to hundreds of years. There are many types of natural stone in terms of size and thickness. The most popular are Jogja sandstone, temple stone, andesite, and many others that can be used as facade materials.

Thus 5 choices of facade materials to beautify your home. Make sure to choose the material that best suits your needs and personality.