/Choice of Suitable Wall cabinets At Home

Choice of Suitable Wall cabinets At Home

You could say, wall cabinets are mostly installed in the kitchen. Practically, almost all kitchens use wall cabinets as a place to store cooking and eating utensils. Kitchen wall cabinets are usually designed to match the cabinets under the kitchen countertop. Therefore, the design usually follows the overall design of the kitchen. Some of them, kitchen wall cabinets also function to hide kitchen utensils such as a cooker hood.

In addition to the kitchen, another room that often uses wall cabinets is the bathroom. Simply put, the presence of bathroom cabinet is perfect for storing bathroom utensils, but still protected from the wet area. The bathroom wall cabinets do not interfere at all when you cleaning the bathroom floor.

A work space at home or home office will be more efficient with wall cabinets. Usually, this cabinet will be attached to the work table so that it is easy to reach when you want to take something. However, you can also place it on the other side of the room to match the planned design.

Small rooms are very suitable for wall cabinets. With a wall cabinet in the room, the space underneath can still used for various needs. For example, you can put a work desk, lounge chair, even a bed under the wall cabinet in this room. If you plan to put furniture such as chairs or beds, make sure there is enough free space under the cabinets so that they don’t collide when you get up from the chair or bed.

You can placed wall cabinets in the living room, especially in the multimedia area. Wall cabinets can used as part of a TV rack, both on the bottom and top of the TV. Wall cabinets in the living room can be used to store magazines, books, game consoles, Wi-Fi modems, and so on.

The modern laundry room is generally made for dry room because of the washing machine and dryer. To store all your laundry needs, you can place a wall cabinet above your washing machine.