/Choosing and Decorating a Christmas Tree at Home

Choosing and Decorating a Christmas Tree at Home

With the countdown to Christmas, our attention turns to preparing the house for the big day by choosing a Christmas tree and decorating the house. But which one do you choose? With so many varieties on the market, you might as well enlist the help of Christmas tree growers to share their best tips.

Undoubtedly, the best time to put up a Christmas tree is the first week of December followed by the following weeks. This means any tree you buy may have to last more than a month, if you clean it on the Twelfth Night (January 6). If you buy in early December, you won’t be disappointed.

Whatever tree you choose, make sure it will be the center of attention of your celebration. The choice of using real trees is currently a trend instead of using plastic trees. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the problems caused by plastic. Therefore you can follow this more eco-friendly trend.

In terms of size, you can specify a tree size from 3 feet to 12 feet. You can also choose a larger tree if you have enough space. Of course, your own space matters and mostly a matter of judgment and taste. For decoration, you can spend the holidays by decorating your Christmas tree with your family.

Whatever you decide, when it comes to decorating a tree, two people are often better than one especially for lights. It goes first and it’s great if one person can instruct the other. Install the light from the bottom of the tree then rotate the tree towards the top. The heavier the decorations, the more you have to keep them away from the ends of the branches.

Everyone has a different way of decorating but themes work well, whether it’s a single color, a mixed color palette, or a specific style. Some people opt for wooden decorations, dried fruit, and pine cones, while others will opt for single or multi-colored baubles. Tinsel that used to be so popular has become less popular these days and ribbon is in vogue. Make sure you work horizontally rather than at an angle, as this processed in a much cleaner look.