/Choosing Wardrobes for Narrow Rooms

Choosing Wardrobes for Narrow Rooms

In addition to mattresses, wardrobe is one of the furniture that is needed in the room. Not only as a storage area, wardrobe is also quite functional because it can be used as room decoration. However, choosing the right wardrobe is not easy. In addition to considering the design, many other aspects must be considered. Especially if your room is not too big. It needs special tricks so that the wardrobe chosen does not filled the bedroom area. Because a big wardrobe can certainly make the room more cramped and uncomfortable. So as not to make a wrong choice, there are a few simple tricks for choosing the right wardrobe for your small room. Can be practiced in the dorm room too.

not easy to find the right wardrobe for a small bedroom
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Determine the location of the wardrobe placement, then measure the empty space
Before you buy a wardrobe, make sure to measured it and know how much area to be used to put the wardrobe. Not only the length and width, also estimate the height of the cupboard, maybe later you want to put tools on it. Now, if you have found a suitable size, then consider the design of the wardrobe.

Compared to conventional doors, sliding door wardrobe are much more recommended
If conventional wardrobe usually require you to leave a little space so the door can be opened, sliding doors don’t need to be that way. You don’t have to have space left in front of it, because the sliding door will still be able to open. Usually this type of wardrobe is often used in minimalist rooms. Even more elegant without making it crowded.

Wardrobe with a mirror on the door
Besides being more functional because it can also be used for dressing up, a wardrobe with a mirror on the door will also make the room look more spacious. Because, the mirror in the closet can reflect objects in front of it that makes the illusion of the room looks larger. The mirror in a closet will certainly make you much more economical too. No need to buy a mirror to dress up.

Shelves or bulkhead in a cupboard
Don’t just look for lots of hangers, but also consider choosing a wardrobe with bulkhead or storage rack for your needs. Besides being able to store a lot of clothes, this model will also make your clothes neater. Especially if you can arrange and separate the clothes based on their models and function.

Make sure you also choose a cabinet material that is durable and strong
For small rooms, teak wardrobe can be the right choice. In addition to good quality, the natural color of teak wood wardrobe will not make the room look more crowded. If it’s expensive, you can choose another wooden wardrobe, such as mahogany wood. As long as the material chosen is solid enough, you don’t need to be afraid of its durability.

It’s not easy to find the right wardrobe for a small bedroom. But at least, the tricks above can be used as your guide in order to find a suitable wardrobe.