/Choosing Wood For Durable Outdoor Furniture

Choosing Wood For Durable Outdoor Furniture

Choosing wood for outdoor furniture can not in hurry-scurry. There are many types of wood to choose from and there are many qualities to compare. But do you know what types of quality wood are for outdoor furniture? Not only that, the finishing material chosen will also be a benchmark for whether the furniture can last longer.

For the quality problem, there are several things that wood must have. The most important thing is the problem of resistance to weather and termites or fungi. The wood must be very strong, so that weather changes not too much damage the furniture. To get outdoor furniture made of wood, you also need to consider several things.

Consider where you will placed the furniture in the outdoor area. Will the wood just be left exposed to the weather? Would there be some kind of protection on top like the terrace, for example. If your wooden furniture is going to placed in a protected environment, you can use softwood like pine, but it may not work in an open space.

Consider the surface on which you will placed the furniture. Whether to place it on a hard surface or soft ground such as a grassy area. Placing wood furniture outdoors on hard surface can protect the furniture from rot or mildew. It may be best to provide metal protection over the wood if you want to placed your patio on soft ground.

Consider your climate. Humidity, the heat of the sun, or a lot of rain and humidity all affect different types of wood. In such conditions, your wooden furniture may need extra protection or maintenance. For example, you may have to provide some shade. Most wood is difficult to maintain in moist conditions unless it is something strong like teak.

Some of the considerations above will make it easier for you to find various types of wood that can be used outdoors, one the woods is teak.