/Clay Crafts Decoration Can Bring Traditional Element for Home

Clay Crafts Decoration Can Bring Traditional Element for Home

Decorating a home, for some people, is interesting and satisfying. There are many choices of decorations that can be your choice, use clay crafts is one option. Clay crafts which known as their traditional impression are the right choice if you want to add traditional natural element to your home. Moreover, there are many forms of clay craft products that can be your choice to complete the decoration at home.

various kind of clay crafts in statue

The easiest clay crafts to find are various forms of jars, vases, or decorative jugs. For the large one, you can use it to fill the empty room corner. Meanwhile, the small size can be displayed in a cupboard or on a table as a flower vase. In Indonesia, this products are easy to find. Both the bare jars also the painted jars with variety of attractive colors and motifs. Now if you have a lot of time and coloring skills, take the bare jar or clay vase and colored them based on your imagination.

The other alternative choice of clay craft for decorations is clay sculpture or character display. Ranging from artistic abstract sculptures to simple clay sculptures in animals or plants form, can be an attractive choice to decorate the room. The size of the statue does not need to be too big, look for the suit size to put the statue on the table or buffet. To highlight the traditional elements, you might be able to choose a sculpture that has ground color. The original color of the statue itself.

Not only for household needs, some clay craftsmen also make variety of clay floor tiles that you can use to complete your interior. Clay craft which made in various shapes and sizes will not fail to give an ethnic feel to your interior room when applied to the floor. Not only as decoration that beautifies the room, variety of creative clay handicrafts have functional elements such as for finishing floors to walls of houses.