/Clean Your Furniture In The Right Way

Clean Your Furniture In The Right Way

Summer is coming and you’ve listed your events at home. Have you ever thought about clean yur furniture during summer? Cleaning the outdoor furniture shoud routine throughout the season. You also have to make sure that you’ve cleaned it up properly, then you’ll get the good result for years to come.
Outdoor wooden furniture such as teak is relatively expensive and needs extra care to keep it in good condition. Spray with a wood cleaner and scrub the surface with a soft brush once every month. Moisture can cause mold stay in the wood and make your furniture can not last long. Therefore you must make it dry and remove the wood moisture.
Weathering is common in wooden furniture, and it happens when the furniture is exposed to sunlight and rain. You may apply wood oil and let it sit for several hours before you gently wipe the surface with a clean rag. The wood oil will restores the original color and provides added protection. During winter, you shoul deep clean the furniture before storing indoors, or invest in quality outdoor furniture covers.