/Combine Rattan Furniture With These Decorations

Combine Rattan Furniture With These Decorations

Rattan is one of the most popular furniture materials to be used as interior decoration, garden furniture and is one of the sustainable materials so that whatever rattan is used, we will not worry about reforestation. Beside it easy to recycled, this plant also does not require a long time like teak wood to be ready for cutting.

Rattan furniture looks good on every spaces

Rattan often used for contemporary furniture with trendy colors and clean lines, like various kinds of sofas, tables, chairs and house decorations both inside and outside made of rattan. Coupled with aluminum-based with 100% recyclable, rattan is the choice for individuals who like their furniture to be environmentally friendly and stylish.

If you like the natural look that rattan can produce but aren’t sure how to put it in your home, here are some ideas to help you get the most out of rattan furniture.

If you have rattan garden furniture at home, then don’t just put it anywhere, think about where you or your guests might want to sit. The place that gives the best view of your beautiful gardens, pretty sky or even the birds jumping in the trees view. Those should be where you leave your rattan furniture. Rattan furniture looks good on every terrace, but it can really stand out when combined with lush green grass. Not many types of furniture are compatible with grass because of its relatively heavy weight. But rattan is very light, rattan can be left in green area without causing damage, so that the grass can return to its position after being released.

As a very different look, try to combine rattan with more modern materials such as sparkling steel. The simple integration of rattan with the clinical aspects of this metal, creates an interesting effect. You can start by choosing a table with iron legs accompanied by rattan chairs and then decorate it with brightly colored cushions. In the garden area, this display can also function well.

Rattan reminds us of summer and warmer weather for many people. So why not bring a touch of sunlight to your home all year round?
Because rattan is a natural material, it will look good to combined it with home plants. Bring some plants to your home decor and your room will feel fresh and clean. If the dimensions in your home allow, some taller plants can provide some interesting shapes, but if you don’t have room, smaller potted plants can also work well.