/Console Tables, Bar Tables and Garden Tables

Console Tables, Bar Tables and Garden Tables

Console Table
Console table is a table that usually placed in empty corner of the room, foyer, family room, and in other corners of the room. Its function is more intended for decoration and aesthetics of the room. There’s also a console table that equipped with drawer to store any small items. The height of this table is similar to the height of the dining table, but much smaller width. Like the corner table, the console table usually used to put any decorations such as picture frames, flower vases, and various other decorations.

for decoration and aesthetics of the room

Bar Table
Initially, bar tables were intended to be placed in bars or restaurants. However, when there are clean kitchens or dry kitchens in home, the existence of a bar table is becoming commonly used in the house. Physically, the bar is higher than other tables, which is about 100 cm and 40-50 cm wide. Therefore, if you want to use a bar table, then you should provide bar chairs which have higher size than general chairs. Bar tables are also suitable as standing table for various activities because of the appropriate height.

Garden Table
As the name implies, this table is generally placed in open areas such as terraces and gardens. Garden tables are often used for relax while drinking coffee, or barbecue party in the home garden. Because it placed in open area, the garden table material is made strong and resistant to heat or rain. Even so, as much as possible this table is still maintained so that it has a long life.