/Create Cool House While Saving The Earth!

Create Cool House While Saving The Earth!

All people know that trees have various important benefits for life. Unfortunately, knowing does not mean caring. In fact, now more and more trees and even forests are being cut down or burned. This is of course could have a bad impact on our earth.

Who does not want to live in a cool and beautiful environment? Moreover, surrounded by shady trees and shady, definitely make you feel at home. Any shade trees that are suitable to be planted in the yard?

Tabebuya Tree
This kind of shade tree is phenomenal. Because the Tabebuya tree has very beautiful and charming flowers. Tabebuya tree have flower patterns that more beautiful than Japanese cherry trees. The color also comes varies: yellow, pink and white. In the dry season, you can see the beauty of the blooming flowers. Can you imagine, you can enjoy this beautiful tree every day at home?

Angsana Tree
This type of shade tree also looks very beautiful with yellow flowers. If it thrives, Angsana tree height can reach 40 meters. Besides, the Angsana tree also has leaves that close to each other. By this tree, your house is definitely cool and protected from the hot sun.

Mango Tree
Who likes mangoes? You can, plant a mango tree in your yard. With routine and proper care, Mango trees can grow shady in a short time. This tree will make your house shady and it can reach 10 meters height. Imagine sitting in the yard in the afternoon while enjoying the harvest of mangoes, it’s really fun, right? Even so you still have to take care of this Mango tree. If not treated properly, your tree might be attacked by various pests and diseases.