/Currently Popular, Tips for Decorating a Room with Curved Furniture

Currently Popular, Tips for Decorating a Room with Curved Furniture

When designing any room, choosing furniture that looks good is a major concern, but having furniture that feels good is arguably even more important. In addition, comfort is the most important thing when choosing furniture. Curved furniture has recently been called the top design trend.

Furniture with rounded corners, soft edges, and curved shapes is popping up a lot at furniture retailers, from high-end luxury goods to low-cost brands. Curved furniture styles such as curved sofas and circular accent tables help to provide serenity by balancing the boxy dimensions of the room and giving a natural place to rest. The appeal of curved furniture boils down to a simple psychology, where our brains are inherently attracted to circular shapes and curved lines, which are associated with security and serenity.

On the other hand, sharp objects and pointed shapes signal danger and can trigger a response of fear and anxiety. To embrace serenity in the living room, here are tips for decorating a room with curved furniture that is becoming a trend.

Choose curved furniture in soothing colors
Enhance the calming quality of curved furniture by choosing a soothing color. Look to nature for inspiration and bring up colors of the earth, forest, or sky. Apply these colors through curved furniture by pairing them with walls, window treatments, floors, and other things in calm tones.

Form a circular arrangement of furniture
Get a cohesive look by arranging furniture that follows the contours of your curved furniture. For a relaxed seating group, assemble the furniture in a loose circle around a central point. For example, in the living room, placed a curved sofa and two chairs around a round coffee table to create comfortable furniture setting for conversation.

Mix in natural texture
Curved shapes often appear in nature, so borrowing other elements from the outside is a natural way to complement this trend. Combine natural textures with furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as wood, stone and natural fibers. Combine various rough, smooth, nubby, and soft textures to recreate the balance found in nature.

Create a cozy corner
Curved furniture is ideal for relax spaces. Choose a chair or recliner with plush cushions and rounded edges to provide a comfortable corner for reading or relaxing. Add some houseplants, wall art, and cozy cushions for a peaceful private area.