/Decorate Your Home with Flower Vases

Decorate Your Home with Flower Vases

When more people choose to live in a small house and apartment, having flowers on the terrace or the front yard of the house is no longer a priority. Today’s choice is to have plants in the house. They prefer to place flower vases in various corners of house space because in addition to making the house feel fresh, flower vases are the most beautiful house decoration and easy to find.

ceramic flower vase on the dining table
credits: https://pixabay.com/photos/dining-table-dining-room-furniture-1348717/ (free download)

Perfect vases, either painted or clear glass, can give a super look. Even though what you do with the vase is important, where you place the vase is also important. Large vases in corners or on tables in areas with high ceilings can be dramatic, either left blank or filled with flowers. Smaller vases can be used to decorate all types of shelves, as a centerpiece on the dining table or to increase height when combined with smaller statues and photographs.

A simple clear glass vase can be one of the best home decor ideas you will ever use repeatedly. Glass vases come in various shapes and heights, easy to find and easily replaced. They are very suitable for flower arrangements but of course there are some other ideas about how to use your glass vase when it is not full of flowers. You can use it as photos place, fruit place, pencils storage, and more.

Fill the vase with high-quality fresh or fake flowers to add color and brightness to the room. Use larger decorative themes, long branches on the vase floor in autumn, holly and pine stems in winter, and lilies in spring are good ways to renew your decor every season. Vases with wide openings can also be used as pots for home live plants; be careful when watering, because there will be no drains at the bottom.

A decorative vase doesn’t need to be filled with anything, so place it in the middle room of your house. Use colored glass, painted ceramic vases, place it on a fireplace, side table or on a deep window sill for a unique touch on trinkets that are often used to decorate charm space. Place it at various heights and shapes of ordinary glass or white ceramic vases somewhere where they will catch light, such as on a table in front of a bay window.