/Decorating the Dining Room of Pastel Color Shade

Decorating the Dining Room of Pastel Color Shade

There are many color choices that you can choose for dining room decor. Well, from many colors, there’s no harm in choosing pastel colors as decoration choice. Give full of sweet impression, that’s the pastel color description.

Pastel colors are soft colors that produced by mixing several colors with the white. The pastel color is the same as the brighter color than the original. Although this color generally gives feminine impression of space, but its presence is full of sweet, making anyone feel cheerful and happy.

Having a meal in the dining room is not just about inviting family or friends to sit and eat together. More than that, the design of the dining room should be able to create special atmosphere that can make anyone feel special. The impression of sweet pastel can make them feel at home while having a meal in the dining room.

Here are inspiring interior design with pastel shades that can be applied in your dining room. Hopefully one of them inspires you!

dining chairs make the dining room cheerful
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Colorful Dining Chairs
The different-colored dining chairs make the dining room cheerful. Choose pastel colors that still in harmony so the dining room is not too crowded. If too many pastel colors in your dining room, neutralized it with white on the wall. Pastel nuances of dining room furniture doesn’t to have slim legs. The sofa in the dining room can also look stylish, as long as it is adjusted to the color selection and decoration on the table.

Pastel colors may seem feminine, but they can give masculine impression if you combine it with darker and more intense colors. For example, a grey sofa. This color can compensate so that the pastel color not too feminine.

Soft pastel colors give romantic and feminine impression. For those of you who want the room to look more girly, you can combine pastels with floral, geometric, or polka-dotted. As for the room with Scandinavian concept, pastel colors are also not too troublesome to be combined with other types of colors. Pastel colors are friendly enough to be applied in various design concepts.