/Distinguishing Teak Wood With Trembesi Wood

Distinguishing Teak Wood With Trembesi Wood

As has been reviewed in the previous article that Trembesi wood has similar characteristics to teak wood, so many people mistakenly think that Trembesi wood is teak. Though the quality provided is very different. To be able to distinguish between the two, you can notice to the following things:

Wood Color
The most easily observed is color, the color of trembesi wood and teak wood. The color of trembesi wood at first glance is similar to old teak wood. The color is dark brown. But when compared directly parallel you will definitely see the difference. Old teak wood does have dark brown wood color but there will be visible golden effect. This golden effect is only owned by teak wood and not owned by trembesi wood. You can set it apart during the day and exposed to direct sunlight or direct light at its surface. Make sure when comparing these two types of wood, it has not been coated with finishing materials.

Wood Fiber
The two woods have very similar grain appearance. The existence of year circle on each wood will add to the uniqueness and attractive appearance of each piece of furniture. If you want to tell the difference, check the grain grooves of these two types of wood. Trembesi wood has thicker wood fibers in size. The circle of the year looks very clear and sharp. The fiber grooves are straighter than teak wood. On the other hand, teak wood also has clear wood fibers, but the thickness of the fiber is thinner than trembesi wood and the grooves are more wavy.

The final comparison that can be ascertained is the sapwood. Sapwood is the outermost part of the wood and has poor strength. Trembesi wood has very clearly visible sapwood so you can immediately tell which ones are sapwood.

The Trembesi wood sapwood is white and the heartwood is dark brown. Meanwhile, teak does not have a noticeable difference because the quality of teak sapwood is almost the same as its core wood. The difference is that teak sapwood tends to reddish brown and the heartwood of teak wood is darker brown. By that way you will more easily distinguish between trembesi wood and old teak wood.