/Do You Know That Jepara Carvers Are Not Only Men

Do You Know That Jepara Carvers Are Not Only Men

Jepara is one of the cities in Central Java which is famous for wood carving. Jepara is nicknamed as carving city. Lots of carving centers produce various wood carving crafts. Jepara carving crafts have been known to almost all corners of the world. This is a good potential that must be developed from generation to generation so that it is not lost and maintained well, Jepara as carving city in the nation and the world.

Cities with more than one million two hundred people do not all depend on the wood carving craft industry. Other livelihoods of Jepara residents come from the agricultural, marine sector but the most famous is the furniture or carving industry sector. However, some residents depend on the furniture and wood carving handicraft industries. Besides being known as the city of carving, Jepara is also known as Bumi Kartini. This is due to the history of the rise of women.

With the title as carving city and Bumi Kartini, the carvers in Jepara are not only men but women also take part in making wood carving crafts. This is proof of the struggle of RA Kartini (one of the heroines of women in Indonesia) in fighting for women’s rights. Therefore, being a carver is not only for men and is unique in Jepara.

The wood carvings of the women of Jepara are as great as the men. Women not only think that carving is an activity to make a work, but also can help improve their income. Some even think that carving is a very popular hobby that can maintain the arts that exist in Jepara.