/Don’t be afraid of musty smelling home furnishings during the rainy season

Don’t be afraid of musty smelling home furnishings during the rainy season

The rainy season is fun. But there must be one thing that annoying besides the flood, which is the damp smell that caused by the musty smell. The musty smell does not only come from the room but can also come from other objects. So what causes the musty smell and how to deal with it?

If the musty smell comes from one of the rooms
The room in the house will not just damp without any cause. One of the causes of smelling musty is the lack of sunlight or a part of the ceiling that leaks, causing water seepage. To prevent the room from smelling musty—because it can cause mold and the smell to get worse—you can do the following.

  • Repair the leaky ceiling, replace the material above the ceiling if it is damaged.
  • Make sure there are no dirty gutters, clogged with dry leaves, or other debris that poses leaking gutters.
  • If the damp smell is caused by a lack of sunlight in the room, replace the roof with a transparent one so that it allows sunlight to enter the room.
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the corner of the room to help remove unpleasant odors. After the smell has reduced, clean the room and add air freshener.
  • Make sure there is no puddle of water in the corner of the room and if there is still, dry and mop the room with carbolic acid. Then, mop again with fragrant floor cleaner.
  • Do not pile up items such as books, newspapers, used magazines, or other items because the damp air will decompose the paper, causing an unpleasant odor.
  • Open the windows every morning and evening for air circulation. If there is more budget, add air conditioning for the room.

If the musty smell comes from un-dried clothes
Use fabric softeners and deodorizers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. And make sure you rinse thoroughly, as any residual suds or detergent can leave musty smell on your clothes. If the sun is not hot enough, dry it in area part that has a lot of wind. Or you can use a fan to dry clothes. Don’t pile up clothes that aren’t too dry and then just let it sit. Iron to dry then put in wardrobe and add cupboard deodorizer and silica gel to prevent moisture.

If the musty smell comes from the shoes
Storing shoes that are slightly wet can also create a damp smell in your home. The solution: dry the shoes near the AC compressor if the shoes are wet but you don’t want to wash them right away. Placed the shoes on a shelf outside. If you are not sure about its safety, you can use the back porch of the house. Add silica gel or camphor inside your shoes to remove moisture and odors.