/Easy Ways to Decorate Small Balcony to be Comfortable and Beautiful

Easy Ways to Decorate Small Balcony to be Comfortable and Beautiful

Having a green yard is certainly very pleasant to relax? But what if you live in an apartment or your house has little green space? Don’t worry, you can take advantage of the balcony even though it is a small balcony, to be a shady and beautiful place to relax, surrounded by shades of green trees. This can be realized if you know the right tricks. Here are some easy ways to decorate a small balcony to make it comfortable and beautiful.

Vertical Garden
Perfect for small balconies, vertical gardens provide beautiful greenery without taking up much space. Vertical gardens are also great for breathing new life into urban apartments. In addition, the colors and textures presented by a vertical garden can also make a small balcony look bigger. Hanging pots with hanging plants will never fail to be an attraction, but if you are serious about creating a vertical garden, you should take advantage of the available wall space. Creating vertical garden is like creating a living piece of art, and you can still have plenty of room for comfortable outdoor table and chairs. When choosing your plants, look for colorful varieties like begonias, which can thrive in vertical gardens and add a pretty touch of pink, white or apricot, as well as Japanese iris, orchid, and ivy geranium. You can also choose vegetable plants for your vertical garden.

Mix and Match Pot
The pot garden is perfect for small balconies and apartments. Instead of choosing a matching pot, try mixing things together to create interest and depth. Clay pots or terracotta pots are classic choices. However, there are also some amazing and easy-to-find concrete and copper plant pots on the market. In addition to buying various plant pots, you can also use used items to place your plants. For example, cans, cups or tea cups that are not used, and various other containers. Easy-care, sun-loving plants that enjoy life on the balcony are herbs, geraniums, and pansies. As for the varieties of ferns, azaleas, and camellias prefer shady places. Succulents and cacti are easy-to-maintain plant choices that are perfect for balcony gardens, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Indoor and Outdoor Connection
Ensuring there is adequate seating is an important part of creating a comfortable balcony. For example, an L-shaped sofa can be a great addition. However, if outdoor furniture is not your thing, other options are benches, chests and large pillows to sit on while relaxing with family or visiting guests. Matching colors and materials with your indoor furniture can further help create a smooth transition from the indoor space to the balcony.

Texture Layer
Just because your balcony is small, doesn’t mean it will automatically feel cozy and welcoming. Using some soft furniture, such as bean bags, outdoor pillows, blankets, and rugs is a quick and inexpensive way to make an area warm and welcoming, and add some color. Look at weather-resistant materials when choosing furniture and opt for water-resistant if possible, especially if your balcony doesn’t have full protection from heat or rain. Leather and linen are great durable options. However, be sure to bring any items inside to avoid rain and sun damage if necessary.

Proper Lighting
The right lighting can completely change the look and feel of an outdoor area. To create magic on a small balcony, install some Tumblr lights or string lights, they take up almost no space and provide a soft, warm glow after the sun goes down. If your balcony exposed to moisture, remember to choose only lamps designed for outdoor use.