/Eco-friendly DIY Things from Used Items

Eco-friendly DIY Things from Used Items

Have a lot of used stuff piled up at home? Don’t throw it away, you can make used items have new functions as other items. The trick is to make DIY creations from used goods. With creativity, various used goods can transformed into something interesting and useful.

You can also call DIY used goods as upcycling or giving a different function to an item that’s no longer used. Want to decorate your home with a new look from used goods? Let’s take a look at some of these creative ideas below.

Flowerpot from Shoes
When you have useless shoes because they are broken or cramped, don’t throw it away. Use the used shoes to make beautiful flower pots. You can arrange some used shoes that have been planted with some tiny plants. You can also use this shoe pot to plant a variety of kitchen spices that you can use when needed. Not only functional, the flower pots from these shoes also look cute to be used as home decorations.

Bookshelf from Old Stairs
Wooden ladder that already look weathered and unused can also function well as bookshelves. Nail the ladder at both ends to the wall. Hang the ladder on the wall and make a little support so that the shelf is not too attached to the wall. To make it look new, you can choose to paint the old stairs first. However, if you like the rustic look, you can let the wood look natural without finishing.

Beautiful Lamp from Used Bottles
You can use syrup bottles, coffee, or other drinks to make interesting crafts of beautiful lamp. This second hand DIY idea is perfect for display on your bedroom table. It is very easy to made. Just clean an old glass bottle and put a little fairy light in it. You can hide the plug behind the bottle. In addition to being a sitting lamp, used glass bottles can also turned into beautiful chandeliers. Guaranteed the new look of the room will make you more comfortable.

Candles from Used Bottle Caps
Most glass bottles have lids made of metal. Well, try using this bottle cap to make a candle holder or commonly called tea lights. Pour the candle on the bottle cap and place the wick in the center. You can get candles and their wicks from chemical or other candle-burning stores.

Flower Pots from Used Cans
Cans of used food or milk will certainly make the house messy if you collect too many. To be more environmentally friendly, you can use these used cans as simple flower pots. It is quite easy to made. You only need to clean the can first before decorating it. You can attach a picture sticker or paint it to make it look different and unique. For drainage, make a small hole in the bottom of the can to allow water to drain better. Use nails and hammer to make holes in it. After that, put the soil and the plant or flower in it.

Hangers from Used Spoons
Have a lot of old and unused spoons or forks? You can use the spoon and fork as a place to hang keys or clothes. You just need to bend it and then attach it to a wooden plank on the wall. This used spoon or fork hanger is suitable for hanging light objects.

Wall Hanging from Vintage Plates
Want to beautify the walls of the house? You don’t have to buy art at an expensive price. You can also make wall hangings from beautiful vintage-patterned plates. For a more minimalist look, you can use plain plates with natural colors. In order to stick to the wall perfectly and not fall, attach the plate using wall glue. Before installing it on the wall, it’s a good idea to arrange the plates on the floor and see if the pattern is good.

In addition to beautifying the house, DIY creations from the above used items are also more environmentally friendly. Are you ready to be creative?