/Effective Ways of Caring for Home Ceramic Floors

Effective Ways of Caring for Home Ceramic Floors

Ceramic is the most popular material for the floor of the house. Not only easy to obtain and easy to clean, ceramics also have very diverse motifs. Caring and cleaning ceramics floors are much easy than other flooring materials. If you have a ceramic floor, you still have to take care of the floor carefully and regularly so that it doesn’t get dull easily.

The first thing you should do to treat tile floors is to sweep them regularly. Ceramic is not a material that prone to absorb dust or dirt. So, sweeping the tile floor is enough to clean it thoroughly. Use a broom with tight fibers so that no dirt missed when you sweep the floor. Sweeping the floor regularly will clean the dust that causes scratches on the ceramic floor.

In addition to sweeping, tiled floors should also mopped every day. Mopping the floor is a way to clean ceramic floors from stains that firmly attached. So that the stains are quickly lifted and do not make the ceramic look dull. You can use a floor cleaning product to mix the water when mopping. These products will help you take care of your tile floors practically. The tiled floor of the house will also sparkle and smell good after you mop.

The edge of the tile floor often goes unnoticed when you clean. As a result, dust and dirt accumulate in these parts. That’s why you have to be more notice in removing dirt from the edges. Use the tip of the broom to reach all edges of the floor. Don’t forget to mop the edges thoroughly before moving to the center of the room.

Oil spills on ceramics certainly make the floor slippery and difficult to clean. However, you only need to use wheat flour to clean the already dirty tile floor. The trick, sprinkle flour on the floor affected by the oil spill. The flour will absorb the oil on the floor so that later you just have to sweep the flour and wipe the floor with a dry cloth. The tiled floor of your house will come back clean and not slippery anymore.

Good quality ceramics will not be easily scratched by sharp objects. So, you can use the tip of a small knife to scrape out stubborn dirt. Do this process carefully so that the tile floor remains smooth. After the dirt completely lifted, you just have to sweep it so that the floor is clean again. This process usually has to be done when you have just finished painting the room because paint spills often contaminate the tiled floor.

If your tile floors are starting to get dull, you can restore their shine with a vinegar solution. However, you should never use pure vinegar which risks ruining the texture of the floor. Mix the vinegar with a little water before you use it. Then, rub the vinegar with a dry cloth on the dull tile floor. Rub slowly in one direction so the stains that cause dull tile floors are quickly lifted.

Ceramic floors on the terrace are usually easier to crust due to exposure to dirt and sunlight. Therefore, you should clean the outside of the tile floor using a brush and special cleaning products. Usually, special ceramic cleaning products have the right acid contains to clean stubborn scale. If you don’t have a special cleaner, you can use a vinegar solution as an alternative. Pour the vinegar solution on the crusty tile then brush until the crust fades and the floor is clean again.

Heavy objects are the enemy of tile floors. If you want to treat tile floors, protect the tiles from these objects. Do not slam heavy objects or slide them off the tiled floor. Because these two things will make the ceramic floor easy to scratch and even crack badly. Move heavy items carefully so as not to damage the floor.

Caring for and cleaning tile floors is not difficult if you do it carefully and patiently. The right treatment process makes your home’s ceramic floor always durable, attractive, and looks like new.