/Fill a House with Custom Furniture, What Are the Advantages?

Fill a House with Custom Furniture, What Are the Advantages?

One way to increase the aesthetic value of a house is to fill it with matches furniture to the room. You can even make your own according to your needs. The design is also more compact and functional. This furniture is often called customized furniture or when translated into Indonesian it becomes “custom furniture”.

Custom furniture is kind of furniture that designed and made specifically according to the customer’s request. For you who live in a small house, custom furniture can be the right choice. However, this does not mean that large houses are not recommended to use ordered furniture, given its function which offers many advantages. The materials used are usually solid wood or processed with a combination of stainless steel and glass.

Maximizing Space Function
The function of space can be maximized so that there is no empty space part as if you were use ready-made furniture. Space of any shape and size can be used or utilized optimally. For example, the space under the stairs with a certain level of inclination can be use as storage space.

Maintain the Neatness and Multifunctional
Because the shape and size of the design are popular, then objects can be placed in the planned space. Furniture that designed by yourself can be adjusted according to your needs. A partition or divider, for example, can also designed as a storage space with a closed door or left open for a display area.

For Various Needs
Custom furniture can be made for any need. Usually made to accommodate your comfortable and meet storage space requirements. The model, size and color can be selected exclusively according to you. Wardrobes include storage furniture that often made to order, so that space is always tidy. The shape, size, color, number of bulkheads, shelves and drawers can be made as needed.

The bed will feel exclusive with special design according to the personality of the owner. The designs on the headboard and under the bed are often made as storage space of drawers and shelves as needed.

The TV cabinet that usually fills the family room can be maximized as a storage space for other electronic devices to support the warm atmosphere, for example videos, audios, and CDs. Usually equipped with a niche or shelf that can be used as a display case.

Kitchen Set More Functional & Attractive
The kitchen, which has an important role for cooked dishes, seems to have received a large portion of attention. Various equipment to support activities, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves, are made together, compact, and beautiful. Indeed, to get this comfort and beauty, you need a special budget. You can make it yourself with the carpenter help, or consult an interior designer. Prices usually depend on the material, size and model.