/Folding Door Models And Materials

Folding Door Models And Materials

Generally, folding doors in homes can be identified by the number of doors that can be folded. You can find double doors, triple doors, quad doors, and so on. From the material side of the door leaf, you can choose solid door leaf that formed by one particular material. You can also choose door leaf with alloy material, for example metal/wood with glass.

Iron Folding Door
Metal folding doors are great choice if you want modern look and more security. This folding door usually used for shop door or garage door, although it is possible to be applied to the interior of the house and combined with other materials. Based on the opening and closing mechanism, there are conventional iron folding doors, sliding folding doors, and harmonica folding doors.

Aluminum Folding Door
Aluminum folding doors are probably the most widely used type of folding door for home interiors and exteriors. Like metal folding doors, aluminum folding doors are easy to maintain and have high durability. Aluminum folding doors are also lighter than iron folding doors, and even anti-rust. Aluminum folding doors generally come with glass panels. In addition to being marketed in its original metallic color, now you can also get aluminum folding doors in various colors.

Wooden Folding Door
Wooden folding doors give graceful and natural impression. There are various types of hardwood that can be used as folding door material, such as teak or meranti. In addition, currently there are many types of folding doors that use processed wood which considered more affordable and have high quality but more durable than general hardwood.

UPVC Folding Door
UPVC folding door is the most economical folding door compared to the three previous types of folding doors. Although the standard price is the most economical, UPVC folding doors also come with premium variants. Although lighter than other materials, UPVC folding doors remain sturdy and have good weather resistance.