/Fun Ways To Adapt Home Furniture During New Normal

Fun Ways To Adapt Home Furniture During New Normal

Entering the new normal, there are many habits that need to be adapted. Even though the government has relaxed the isolation regulations, people are still asked to carry out activities at home with their families to avoid exposure to the corona virus. There are many challenges faced during daily activities at home. Apart from distraction from family members, doing the same routine can increase fatigue feel. For this reason, changing the look of several rooms and adjusting home furnishings can be one solution so that the house remains comfortable and can be more productive while at home.

Releasing fatigue with family
Relaxing in the family room can relieve fatigue after a long day of work and school from home. The family room needs to be rearranged to make it more comfortable for the whole family. One of the tips is to placed multifunctional furniture. Apart from its function, the presence of this home furnishings can also beautify the interior of the room. You can also choose a sofa bed which is equipped with several cushions and small blankets to accompany your relaxing time. Choose warm colors in the furniture to build the mood.

Turning the living room into a workspace
Not all people has a decent work space at home. So that it takes a special room to be used as a work space. One of them is to make the living room as a work space. By adding some furniture such as a folding table, memo board, storage box, various charger cables, and standing lamps, you can get a comfortable work space. You can adjust the position of the work desk to make it more attractive if it is used for online meetings.

Rearrange the kitchen
Rearranging the kitchen can be done to build a new atmosphere. By using white cutlery, your food surroundings will look cleaner. This coupled with the slightly dimmed lighting will create a nice and warm atmosphere around the table. It would be better if the dining table used is a rectangular table and put chairs opposite. It can build an intimate atmosphere, meet each other and chat more warmly before returning to another activities.

Creating a beautiful work atmosphere
One way to build enthusiasm and increase concentration while working and studying at home is to create a supportive atmosphere. Work and study do not always have to be in the room. You can work on the terrace. You can stare at some green plants in rattan pots on the terrace so that the atmosphere becomes fresher. Green plants can provoke more inspiration and creative ideas.

Arrange the bed to make it more comfortable to rest
After a day of activities, you can relax in bed. For this reason, it is important for you to rearrange your bed so that it can improve your mood and restore energy. You can start by replacing the bed sheet with a soft color material. Don’t forget to choose dim lights so that the atmosphere is warmer and makes sleep more soundly. Placed a small table by the side of the bed to placed your smartphone or other device.