/Furniture Brands from Indonesia that You Must Know

Furniture Brands from Indonesia that You Must Know

At present, getting a local furniture brand with international standard quality is not difficult. Some architects and interior designers even prioritize choosing Indonesian furniture brands in their projects. Not only designers, homeowners also have a high exposure to local furniture products. For Indonesian, using the original Indonesian brand means that we make a contribution to the country’s economy, support creative industries, save time in transportation and distribution, and display a unique local atmosphere into our project.

Both in terms of design, material quality, and durability, the quality of local furniture cannot be underestimated. Here are some local furniture brands that quite well-known and unique in terms of design. Each of these brands has their own characteristics and strong local identity.

Santai Furniture
Santai Furniture is one of the well-known local brands. Santai Furniture has inspired by Javanese culture that packed in contemporary way. The name of each furniture is also taken from Javanese vocabulary which is an emphasis of local identity of its products. Not just narration and philosophy, Santai Furniture also prioritizes local materials with superior Indonesian craftsmanship quality. Another uniqueness of this furniture brand is the presence of several famous Indonesian designers who contributed their design work in the Santai Furniture collection.

furniture brands with unique bamboo materials
image: https://ibuku.com/

The name IBUKU is inspired by the phrase and meaning “Mother Earth”. IBUKU is an interior design and architecture consultant founded by Elora Hardy in 2010 and is one of the pioneers of bamboo furniture & residential designers in Bali and Indonesia. In addition to providing design and construction consulting, IBUKU also has furniture brands with unique bamboo materials. Every client can order customized furniture or choose from furniture catalogs of IBUKU. With bamboo philosophy that organic and dynamic, every furniture released also promotes these characteristics. The existence of bamboo as a fast growing and mass plant in Indonesia is the background of the locality value and environmental sustainability which is the branding of this consultant.

Beranda Living
Looking at some furniture from Beranda Living, you will see modern characteristics that still have local Indonesian characteristics. Beranda Living furniture style is a slick mix of medieval style furniture, Scandinavian design, and of course typical Indonesian touches such as woven rattan or bamboo. Beranda Living is proud in its statement to always provide quality, comfort and modern impression in furniture products at more affordable prices. The material used is solid wood so that its strength is guaranteed.