/Furniture in The Dining Room, Types And Sizes of Ergonomics to be Comfortable

Furniture in The Dining Room, Types And Sizes of Ergonomics to be Comfortable

Furniture is important element that determines the comfort of the dining room. Without choosing the right furniture, you can be sure that your meal activities will not be satisfying. The main furniture intended is a seat, it can be a chair or a tatami (dining mat from Japan) and a dining table. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to eat on the floor or at the table, the piece of furniture must meet the following criteria.

Suitability of Size
Good chairs and tables must be sized according to your body proportions. So that you feel comfortable using it for a long time. Here are the sizes of dining furniture that make you comfortable:

The height of the chair back from the floor is 79-84 cm. The backrest plays an important role for comfortable sitting. The width of the seat should be 40-45 cm. The number shown is the net width, so you have to calculate the inside of the seat, which is the width between 2 armrests when choosing a chair with armrests.

The depth of the dining chair is 40-42 cm. Stand height 40-43 cm with a 0-5 degree tilt of the stand. It is better if you have a chair with a tilt angle so that it is more suitable for your body shape, especially if you want shared the dining room with your family members. The angle for the back of the chair forms a 105 degree angle to the seat. This angle is also required and should be used accurately, because mistakes or inaccuracy in choosing the angle of the backrest will be fatal to health, like prolonged back pain or lumbar pain. Chair size is largely determined by the user’s dimensions.

For the table, it is depending on the area of the dining activity. The dining area is calculated from the width of the body of a normal person plus the extra area for hand movements and the size of the elements that support dining activities (plates, cups, etc.).

Optimal area
The area of the core is width (a1) 45 cm, length (b) 76 cm, the additional area for feeding support elements is 23 (a2) cm wide, 76 cm long. For quick and practical calculations, here are the dimensions of the dining table that could adjust to the shape of the table.

Square dining table for 4 people, recommended side is 91 -107 cm
Rectangular dining table for 6 people, length 203 – 243 cm, width 107 – 137 cm
Round dining table for 4 people, recommended diameter is 120 – 150 cm
Round dining table for 6-8 people, the recommended diameter is 182 cm
The table height is 73 – 76 cm

Apart from the sizes above, there are other dimensions to consider:
The distance between the table and chairs must be 19-20 cm
The lamp height from the dining table is 48.5–70 cm

Other furniture that is often placed in the dining room as complementary furniture is the credenza, which is a cabinet measuring 30-40 cm wide and varying in length from 90 to 160 cm, depending on the needs and size of the room. Credenza height is about 90-110 cm. Credenza is useful as a storage area for cutlery and various storage containers. The basic material for credenza usually uses wood.