/Get Around The Room Arrangement for A Minimalist Home

Get Around The Room Arrangement for A Minimalist Home

Since it’s populer, minimalist home design has become a trend and has always been the dream of many people. Not only for the exterior, now more people are incorporating these designs into the interior to the selection of furniture. Specifically the interior of a minimalist home, most people focus on the design of the room. It looks neat and simple, but still has its own aesthetic value. The point is that minimalist room design is always interesting.

minimalist room for minimalist house

Below are a few ideas on how to get around the function of a room for a minimalist home:

The living room is also used as a family room
In the minimalist living room design, not only use to welcome guests. The living room can also function as a gathering place or the “heart” of the house. As the heart of the house, the living room can be the center of various activities of the residents of the house. You can provide a comfortable carpet, table and cushion for various family activities and gatherings.

Built in furniture for a wider room
Optimizing the function of the room is the core of the actual minimalist room design. You can use built-in custom designed furniture such as TV cabinets. TV cabinet design that fills the entire wall can give a spacious room impression. You can choose bright colors on the walls around it to add a roomy impression to the room.

The less bulkhead the more minimalist
Creating a room without insulation in the house is one of the best minimalist home designs. With the right furniture selection, the house will not feel messy and actually seem wider. Some people use the living room and dining room in one room, while the work space is only limited by a glass / sliding door. Practical right?