/Get to Know About Rustic Wood

Get to Know About Rustic Wood

In addition to the minimalist style, pop art, modern, as well as vintage and retro, lately the rustic style began to demand by many people. Just like other styles, rustic can also be applied in various forms, but most of them use rustic as a style of interior occupancy, whether it is tables, chairs or other home decorations.

What is rustic? Rustic in English refers to more simplicity, the rural atmosphere. Whereas in Indonesian, rustic is more defined as something rusty, worn or old. The rustic style itself in the art of interior decoration refers more to the natural, outdated but classic look. There are several types of material that are commonly used to make rustic styleproducts, one of is wood.

Rustic wood can be used as a variety of furniture needs, or if you feel bother in making your own furniture, you can still be creative by making some home decorations such as decoration boards with motivational words or tables and walls decoration.

The history of rustic wood has existed since 19th century. In that century, wooden furniture or handicraft products were very popular in the midst of society, including rustic style. Although it has an outdated and simple concept, doesn’t mean you have to look for some woods that really old and weathered. You can still use wood waste in new and much strong condition, then combined with finishing staining and wood dye techniques to produce rustic impression. Types of wood commonly used for this concept are soft woods, such as maple or pallet wood.

Another characteristic of the rustic style lies in its color. Most people prefer to use dark brown color to present a rustic impression, but you can still apply other colors like blue, green, white or yellow. For these colors, it would be better if you use pastel color version or more muted color. And if you want to emphasize more rustic style in other wood crafts, you can combine it with hemp rope or used glass bottles, according to your creativity.