/Get to know Modern Classic Home Design

Get to know Modern Classic Home Design

An elegant, luxurious look, this is the main characteristic of classic home designs. However, some people are reluctant to apply this design because they are worried that the appearance of the house will be too much and it seems tacky. But you don’t need to worry because the classic design can still be applied without looking tacky. This is a design known as classic modern home design. Modern classic houses combine classic elements that bring elegance with simple modern elements.

A buildings touch in Europe style is still visible in the classic modern design but comes with more minimalist look. For those of you who want to apply a classic modern home design, here some of the features of a modern classic home design. By knowing the characteristics of a classic modern design, it will be easier for you to mix and match and change the design of your home.

Color is The Key
Color plays an important role in classic modern home designs. If other classic designs are generally dominated by bold colors such as red and gold, in classic modern home designs, the colors used are actually softer. This function is to make the design looks simple and harmonize the combination of classic and modern elements. Some of the colors you can choose, include white, gray, beige, brown, and pastel colors.

Natural Elements
Modern classic house designs are also equipped with natural elements, especially wood and stone. For example, for a classic modern kitchen design, marble and granite are the right choices. Natural fibers displayed in marble and wood will give a luxurious impression but still not overly. The natural element also serves to bridge the colorful classic concept with the cooler modern concept. The presence of natural elements will harmonize the two designs and make them look warmer.

Dramatic Impression
Although modern classic home designs is simple, dramatic elements are still an unmissable feature of this design. You can add a dramatic impression through gold accents, wallpaper motifs, and carved accents on furniture. But keep in mind, accents in classic modern designs are only as beauty decor and you should plan their placement well. There is no need to give accents to every corner of the room, just in the parts that you want to highlight the space. For example, on the walls only, furniture only, or just as an element of decoration.

Floor View
Carpet is one of the important elements in classic modern home design. Choose a carpet with matches color to the walls or furniture in the room. Do the same thing when choosing a carpet motif. Choose a plain rug if the walls or furniture are patterned, or vice versa. Regarding materials, modern classic home designs can use any material. However, it will be prettier if you use natural materials such as marble and solid wood floors.

Modern classic house design is incomplete if it is not equipped with decorations. Some of the decorations that you can install include chandeliers, paintings, mirrors, and other decorative items. Keep in mind, you should avoid putting too much decoration because the classic modern concept puts forward a minimalist style that doesn’t actually put too many things. Therefore, put enough decorative elements, not to make the room look full.