/Get To Know Table Types At Home

Get To Know Table Types At Home

The table is a piece of furniture that certainly always in a house. The existence of a table is very important for many activities in the house, such as working, studying, eating, and so forth. There are many types of tables with their own functions. The following is a review of the types of tables and their functions.

Although not working at home, it is still nice to put a desk at home. Especially in a pandemic when everyone is advised to work at home, the existence of a desk is very essential. In addition to working, work desks are also effective for use as study tables and desks for computers. Work desks are usually designed with a height that matches the proportion of the human body to work and has a fairly wide cross section. Some work desks are also equipped with drawers for storage.

Dining table
Dining tables generally have larger dimensions than other tables. The shape of the dining table can be rectangular, circular or oval. The table comes in various material, some use wood, metal, glass, to marble. Because of its large size and striking appearance, choose a dining table that fits the theme of the room, and make sure the dimensions of the room are sufficient to accommodate the table.

the use of coffee tables is increasingly
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Coffee Table
As the name implies, coffee table or also called cocktail table was originally made to put coffee and other drinks on the table. Over time, the use of coffee tables is increasingly, commonly used to accompany sofas and chairs which stand in the living room, and family room. Physically, the size of this table is lower than other tables, which is about 35-40 cm.

Corner Desk
Corner table or end table is a small table that usually placed next to a chair, sofa, and bed. Corner tables are generally not intended to move on it, but serve to put any items or home decorations such as lamps, flower vases, photo frames and other decorations. The height of the corner table also tends to be lower than the other tables.