/Getting to Know About Kruing Wood

Getting to Know About Kruing Wood

Kruing wood is obtained from the kruing tree which grows scattered throughout Southeast Asia. This tree grows a lot in Thailand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, the kruing tree is found in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Lombok, Java and Bali. The kruing tree will usually flower and bear fruit in large quantities in a certain season.

Morphologically, the kruing tree can grow from medium to large in size. Its growth can reach 65 meters height. The shape of the stem is straight with round shape. Usually it is measuring more than 150 cm to 260 cm. The tree trunk will release resin when peeled. On the branches, there is coarse and fine textured hair. The shape of the leaves of the kruing tree is straight pinnate with the veins on the underside of the leaves clearly visible.

This tree is single-flowered and large with 5 petals. The fruit is commonly called fruit geluk, the shape of the fruit is quite unique because it is wrapped in petals. The size of the fruit is quite large. For the wood itself, this wood has a brownish red color. But there are also have lighter red color. The wood texture feels rough on most surfaces. This wood grain also looks straight and sometimes the wood surface feels slippery.

This wood has a very good level of hardness or density as a building construction material. This wood can easily glue very strongly with screws or glue. The level of hardness of this wood is parallel to the type of teak wood. However, in terms of durability, this wood is still under the teak.

Although the resistance is not as good as teak. This wood is still classified as durable and the level of resistance is as same as ironwood and mahogany wood. After knowing the advantages, now is the time to know the disadvantages. All types of wood must have different drawbacks.