/Getting to Know Cantilever and Its Application in Homes to Public Buildings

Getting to Know Cantilever and Its Application in Homes to Public Buildings

Do you know the cantilever structure? We may often encounter the application of this structure in buildings, but do not realize that these parts are a group of cantilever structures. Cantilever is an arrangement of beams with extensive free ends, protruding and looks like hang on. With this free end, the beam rests on one column so that it can present more spacious design space because it does not require columns on the other side.

Cantilevers are often applied to small and large-scale building constructions of balconies, canopies, stairs, to swimming pools. Let’s look at the application of cantilever structures that can applied to your house, from the simplest to the most complex.

Cantilever structures are widely applied to stairs with floating type or floating stairs. Cantilever gives advantage to the appearance of the staircase design by presenting modern and minimalist impression. Generally, a cantilever stair structure rests on two floor beams connected by the stair. In addition, cantilever stairs are popular now that the pedestal is inside the wall, in each step hangs.

One of the most common applications of cantilever structures we encounter is in balconies. In general, balconies do not requiretoo strong cantilever structure because the design of the space on the balcony is intended for less intense activities. On the one hand, the size of the balcony which usually does not exceed two meters also makes this type of cantilever easy to work without complex structural calculations and large additional costs.

Space and Canopy
Cantilever can applied to increase the space on the upper floor. Generally, cantilever floors will protrude, leaving canopy of space underneath. The surface under the cantilever space will formed shady space for the terrace, sitting area, to the carport. Of course, the load on the cantilever structure will be heavier because the floor area supported without columns is more elongated. Providing a space with cantilever structure requires greater costs and precise structural calculations.

Canopy Roof
With lighter load than the previous point, the cantilever structure can applied to a flat roof that extends as a canopy that we often encounter in the lobby. On larger building scale, a space equipped with canopy can function like a lobby as a place to socialize informally.

Swimming Pool
Cantilever structures in swimming pools can found in commercial buildings such as hotels. Cantilever swimming pools usually increase the value of luxury in a building. There are several types of popular cantilever swimming pools, one of them is overhanging skypool with glass material on the bottom side so that pool users can see the city view from above while swimming.