/Give Fresh Touch To Your Room by Hanging Ornamental Plants

Give Fresh Touch To Your Room by Hanging Ornamental Plants

Adding indoor decorative plants will bring something fresh and brighter. You can put ornamental plants in the corners of the house, near the buffet, on the table, to the bookshelf. But actually there is another way to put plants indoors, by hanging them. This innovative way will save space and add greenery to the room. Some of the most suitable plants for hanging include the jade plant, the ZZ plant, pothos, devil’s ivy, the peace lily, and the Chinese cypress. To hang plants in the right way and brighten up your home, here are a few tips you can try.

Choose the right pot
For hanging, you should choose a small pot so that the rope is not too heavy to withstand the weight of the pot and the soil. Because the pots are not too big, choose plants that are not easy to grow big or have slow growth. In addition, it is better to choose plants that do not require a lot of water and are easy to care for. When hanging the pot with string, choose a strong rope and hook. On the market, there are also pots that already have strong hangers and usually have hooks on the pots that easy to remove and attach. If you use an ordinary pot, you can make the hanging net yourself.

Use thick rope
When choosing the type of rope to hang your plants with, choose thick, strong ones that can withstand constant exposure to water and sunlight. Especially if the pot you choose is not a hanging pot that sanewidely sold in the market.

Choose the right place
You can hang plants in front of the window to create a personal space without blocking the light that enters the room. Avoid hanging it on furniture such as sofas or chairs so that the seating area does not feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Take care of
Water the plant as needed and be sure to clean the leaves and add fertilizer to them. If you have drainage holes, when watering, put the pot down, water it, then let the water come out of the hole at the bottom of the pot. After no more water comes out, then you can hang the pot back to its place.