/Handmade Wood Products That Often Sold in Indonesia

Handmade Wood Products That Often Sold in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its biodiversity, including its wooden working products. Wood is one material that often used for handmade products. Thanks to its beautiful texture and color, high strength and durability, as well as its relatively light weight, all wooden handmade products, whether it is big or small, have the good looking, quality, and of course the selling price is quite high, but it’s worth.

wooden furniture is strong and durable

This one is definitely yes and is the most handmade wood products made of wood. Compared to iron or plastic, wood furniture has more elegant looks because it has natural color and look, and can shaped so that it has classy details and touches. In addition, wooden furniture is also strong and durable, but still lightweight. Some wooden furniture such as teak wood are even resistant to termites and weather.

Some examples of furniture that often made of wood include wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden shelves, wall decorations, wooden storage boxes, and so on. There are also many craftsmen who make and sell wood furniture. While, you could find the recommended Indonesian furniture exporters in one of furniture sites called Indonesia-Furniture.com

Cutlery and Cooking
Wood cooking and cutlery are also one of the handmade wood products that often found. Just like furniture, cutlery and cooking made of wood also has more elegant and classy looking. The shapes are also unique and different. In addition, cooking utensils and wooden cutlery are safer because they do not damage other surfaces such as non-stick pans, and more resistant to heat than plastic tools.

There are so many types of wood cutlery that you can find in Indonesia, start from plates, bowls, spoons, forks, chopsticks, to even glass. As for wood cooking utensils such as silk and wooden mortars are often found in the kitchen.

Wood is also often used as base material for wooden accessories, both for men and women. In addition to its unique texture, because it is easy to shape and carve, wood accessories are usually easier to make into attractive and detailed accessories. In addition, some wood materials such as Kokka wood are also believed to have good properties for the body. There are also those who, whether true or not, are believed to have the property to keep away from disasters and such (again, whether or not we don’t know).