/Home Decor Still Aesthetic Yet Natural with Bamboo Furniture

Home Decor Still Aesthetic Yet Natural with Bamboo Furniture

Home decoration seems to be increasingly important since the Covid-19 pandemic conditions have forced everyone to do more activities at home. Various home decorating trends are now emerging. Starting from modern, minimalist decoration styles, to those that seem to blend with nature, which rely on lots of plants and the use of natural items.

The use of bamboo crafts is also starting to be popular as one of the home decoration materials. Bamboo craft is very interesting because it has various advantages, such as light weight, easy to care for, and can function like a product made from wood but is environmentally friendly. In addition, the creativity of bamboo craftsmen is also increasing, now bamboo crafts are increasingly diverse in shape and have their own style and elegance. Here are some tips for decorating a house using bamboo crafts:

The use of bamboo partitions as room dividers
Now the house is not just a place to live, but turned into an office, gym, or even a place to play for children during the pandemic. So, most people start redecorating their homes to suit their needs. As a result of these conditions, additional space is definitely needed to carry out personal and family activities. Without great expense and effort, you can have a new space by using bamboo partitions to create boundaries or certain spaces in the house. In addition to not needing a large cost, bamboo partitions can also add to the aesthetic value of the house.

Installation of bamboo decorations to give a beautiful impression
Adding decorations from bamboo can also increase the beautiful impression as is usually seen when you are on vacation in various regions in Indonesia. Apart from beautifying your home, you can also help local craftsmen by buying their handmade works.

Use of cutlery from bamboo
Not only used to beautify the decorations in the dining room, you can also take part in the campaign to reduce the use of plastic by using bamboo tableware, which is becoming a trend.