/Home Decorating Ideas Using Skirting Boards

Home Decorating Ideas Using Skirting Boards

Skirting board is one of the materials used in the house as interior complement. This material functioned as a protective wall from damage or additions as a home decoration and is usually installed at the bottom of the wall.

The bottom of the wall is a part that is very susceptible to impact and also prone to humidity. For example when children are playing, moving furniture or when mopping the floor, and others. From here the purpose of the Skirting Board is to avoid damaged walls due to collisions, also avoid the growth of mold due to damp walls.

White Skirting Board
Basically the original color of the skirting board is white. White is a neutral color so it will always match to any wall color. In addition, a white skirting board will save costs.

Skirting Board in Contrast Color with Walls
You can choose the skirting board in contrast color with the wall. The use of contrasting colors will bring a good mood in a room. You can use darker colors on the skirting board and bright colors on the wall. The dark color on the skirting board can be a color binder for furniture, so that the furniture can look matched with the wall.

You can apply a matching color between the skirting board and the wall

Skirting Board in Same Color with The Wall
You can apply a matching color between the skirting board and the wall. The use of matching colors can give a broader impression to a room.

Two Color Walls
Two wall colors are familiar in an interior design. You can use a different wall color between the top and bottom and the skirting board follows one of the wall colors.

Now that’s the idea of decorating using skirting board so that the room design looks more beautiful. Interesting to try?