/How Much Should the Furniture Spacing in the Bedroom?

How Much Should the Furniture Spacing in the Bedroom?

In addition to the design of the bedroom, the space around the furniture is also important to note. This is because planning adequate space to move around in the room contributes to comfort, and privacy. To get a good space planning, you must choose the right furniture for the space. Furniture around the bed must have free space so that the bedroom does not look narrower.

For example, a king size bed may look attractive and more luxurious, but for a small bedroom, this bed looks too big and disproportionate. Before placing furniture in the bedroom, you should note to the following:
Around the bed: The bed needs at least 60 cm of free space around it to accommodate the arrangement of the bed and, in and out without impact.
The best scale: If the bedroom has not too large space, use a smaller bed such as a queen size or adjust it to the size of the bedroom.

Other Space Considerations
Door to bed: The most common bed placement option is on the wall facing the door. Allow 90 cm space from the doorway to the nearest furniture.
Dressing Table: A minimum of 60 cm of walking space is required in front of the wardrobe for easy opening and closing of drawers.
Workspace: Optional furniture to include in the bedroom if the space is available. It is a small writing desk and chair. Leave at least 45 cm of space for the chair behind the desk.
Shelves: Leave at least 60 cm of free space in front of a bookshelf or cupboard for convenient moving.
Seating area: If you are lucky to have enough space for seating area, leave a 45cm gap between the seat and the coffee table.