/How To Apply the Yellow in the Room

How To Apply the Yellow in the Room

Color trends always change every year. Although not always become a trend, yellow can make your mood cheerful. Since now the gray rainy season is coming, why don’t we bring ‘summer’ at home in yellow? Sometimes the yellow can indeed feel too bright and tacky, rather than warm. Try to compose the yellow items in the room properly so you feel the sun, but not too much.

You don’t need too many yellow items to bring fun in the house, just choose a few items and decor. What objects can you apply at home?

Start with a bright door
Doors often go unnoticed because they just start or close at home. However, we should have a home that makes people feel welcome and happy. Paint the main entrance of the house in yellow to make your house feel more open.

Yellow furniture
The eye will usually attracted to the sharpest colors in the room. In the front row of furniture in a room, try placing yellow furniture, it can be a table or sofa.

yellow furniture, bright and cheerful

Combine with blue
It’s no secret that the blue and yellow are an epic combination for interior design. These two colors will complement and accentuate each other. Look for blue furniture or paint the walls in blue, then put something yellow in there. Like the sea, here, a small yellow boat will make the blue sea look more beautiful.

Yellow line
We often unnoticed to small details on furniture such as frames or edges of items. When the room is too neutral, a little yellow on the edge of an item can bring fun. Small outlines make the glass in the image stand out. This makes the mediocre background look more attractive.

Make it the vocal point
You can make yellow look attractive anywhere. However, making yellow as the vocal point in the room will be something that everyone will remember. To make something like this, you need a large pattern in the middle of the wall and yellow paint. Paint the other side in neutral or dark colors. If you don’t want to make a pattern, just cloring the whole room in one neutral color. Choose one side of the wall to apply the yellow.