/How to Choose Flood-Resistant Household Furniture

How to Choose Flood-Resistant Household Furniture

Heavy rains that often wet the area make households are prone to flooding, which makes them anxious. However, the current flood does not only hit the area, areas near development projects, areas with bad water pipe and water coming out from underground or springs can also cause flooding. If those problems allowed to drag on, of course, will damage the furniture. Here are some things to consider when choosing household furniture to make it more durable and resilient to floods.

Teak and Plywood Material
Wood material is prone to damage if it is submerged in water continuously. However, if you still want to choose furniture from wood, then choose teak wood that has strong resistance to water, especially if the surface coated with waterproof paint. In addition to teak, plywood can also be an option for furniture cabinets, tables, chairs, and beds. The surface texture of plywood is smooth and has strong density making it water resistant. Plywood generally covered with teak bark, sungkai wood, and nyatoh leather. Also make sure the plywood has protective layer such as duco paint or other waterproof coating to make it more resilient against floods.

Stainless Steel Material
Furniture made of stainless steel is also resistant to the rainwater. You can use it on the dining table or bed. To keep the furniture surface durable and not easily damaged, give it waterproof protective layer or special waterproofing.

Plastic and Aluminum Materials
The next material that can be resistant to water is plastic and aluminum. You can use it for door frames, cabinets and shelves. With cheap prices, there are many types of plastic and aluminum furniture that can sweeten your home.

Install Wheels and Choose Tall Feet
In addition to choosing materials that resistant to water, you also need to choose furniture that has wheels or legs at the bottom. The goal is to make it easier for you to move and secure the furniture when the flood comes so that your furniture is saved. Furniture that has gaps also helps you to clean and mop the underside after the flood recedes. For an attractive look, you can choose minimalist furniture.

Bunk Bed and Foam Mattress
Same with sofas, cupboards and beds with legs, the use of bunk beds also helps you to deal with sudden floods. In addition to anticipating flooding, the use of bunk beds can make your space neat and spacious impression to the room area. Of course, choose an iron frame bed or durable solid wood. As for the mattress, you can choose a foam mattress to make it easier to secure when flood comes and it’s easy to dry it.

Those are some tips for choosing home furnishings that are resistant to flooding. To protect household furniture from the threat of flooding, there are two ways you can do. First, do renovations by adding to the surface of the house to make it higher. Second, is moving. Choose a safe and flood-free area housing.