/How to Decorate Your Room With Rugs?

How to Decorate Your Room With Rugs?

Rugs can be great for uniting a room and are used to complement your furniture, describe a space in an open living room or add color, texture or pattern. If you have several different rugs in your house, why not switch rooms where they are? Your living room rug might actually function well under your dining table or the rug you have in storage might be good in the room. Match the same color palette from your rug into pieces in your bedroom. For example, the pink color of tropical rug can be paired with lavender tones from various painted furniture.

In order to the living room feels harmony, most designers will advise you, to put a rug. But rugs are expensive furniture. And because large-scale items like that will have a big effect on the way a room looks and feels, choosing one can be scary. The right rug can live in your home for several years. While the wrong rug will serve as a daily reminder of the money you throw away and the money you have to spend if you want to replace it.

The right rug can live in your home for several years
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If you are decorating your room, choose a rug first. This is the big and the most impact that ties a room together, and if you wait until you put down the last pillow, you can find a suitable rug for months. There will be various angles that are difficult to put together with the rug. This is what will increasingly make you confused choosing a rug. So, choose your rug at the beginning you decorate your room.

Choose a size that completely covers the road or leaves the floor open where people must pass. Then decide how far the furniture should be extended. A common way to measure a rug is to ensure that it reaches under the four feet of all furniture. Or you can use a small rug that goes under the front legs of the sofa and chair, and stops there. Just make sure the small objects on the edge of the rug, like the end of the table and the floor lamp, are really on or off.