/How to Distinguish the Quality of Furniture

How to Distinguish the Quality of Furniture

Distinguishing the quality of teak furniture is indeed not an easy thing for you who do not have any knowledge in wood processing. How not, let’s just take an example, teak wood that has poor quality can be “magic” to look good in the hands of reliable finishing craftsmen. Or goods that made carelessly can also “mixed” so that they look classy by the mainstay service. That’s why it’s a bit difficult if we don’t have basic knowledge about how to distinguish the quality of good and bad furniture.

So basically, the quality of the furniture is influenced by the quality of the raw materials used and the skill of the furniture maker himself. Regarding materials from nature, which in this case wood, plays a major role in the quality of furniture product. No matter how skilled the carpenter is, if the material is bad, the final result will not be good either. Although this can be “outsmarted” by a repairman, over time it will definitely look genuine.

The second factor is the skill or expertise of the craftsman who makes the furniture. A smart craftsman works with thinking, not just making it fast. But think about how to make good furniture but still time efficient.

For people who lack experience in woodworking, if you say teak, you will think it’s good. Though not necessarily, depending on the quality of the teak first. There are many kinds of teak, for example, teak from West Java is different in quality with the teak from Central Java. Or, both teak from Central Java, Perhutani teak and village teak are different in quality and appearance.

Broadly speaking, the way to distinguish the quality of furniture can be seen from the wood grain. Make sure it is made from old teak wood, look at the width of the board. Make sure the construction is strong and there are not too many wood defects. Make sure all hardware functions as it should. Check the finishing, do not have a rough, cracked or bumpy surface.

If you are buying online such as from a teak furniture company, make sure the seller knows what they are talking about. Feel free to ask questions and see the answers. You can judge the level of professionalism of a company from the answers they give.