/How to Fix a Wooden Door That Hard to Open and Close

How to Fix a Wooden Door That Hard to Open and Close

Have you ever experienced problems with the wooden door of your house, which at first was easily accessible open and close, then during the rainy season it becomes difficult to access and rattling? That’s because the wood is shrinking because the wood used for the door still has a high moisture content.

fix the wooden door

You do not need to worry and panic about this, there are several ways you can do as a solution to fix the problem of this difficult door to open and close.

The first way is to replace the problematic door with a new one. But make sure first, that your new door uses completely dry wood to less than 15%. The level of dryness of wood used for doors affects the quality of the door, especially in its durability.

The second way is to fix the problematic door. The fix is to shaved the problematic part of the door. For example, if the problem is the lower part, then this part should be shaved thinner, using a planer or grinding machine. The door shaved so that the position or door setting fits snugly with the frame and floor.

The last way is simple tips that you can do to avoid problems with your door. You can do this method when installing the door, give a cavity or space of about 1 cm between the door with the frame and cavity between the door to the floor. The cavity will be a place for wood shrinkage during the rainy season.