/How To Installed Kitchen Set in Custom

How To Installed Kitchen Set in Custom

Already know what custom furniture is? Custom furniture whose designs, materials and colors determine our own. Interesting right? Especially when it comes to quality, custom furniture is certainly more durable and modern than furniture that we often find in stores. Have you planned and made custom furniture? Or are you worried about the price? But compared to the best quality you will get of course about the price can be discussed, you decide.

kitchen set
credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/zFGBEikZoRg (free download)

Custom furniture has produced in specialized furniture workshops that are usually made with knockdown system, which is made per part so that it can be assembled. After the finishing process is complete, the furniture is ready to brought to the location and assembled in the designated space. Before custom furniture is assembled, a survey has been carried out and it is certainly known the size of the custom furniture. This needs, considering custom furniture, such as; kitchen set, wardrobe, cupboard under the stairs, or other furniture will stick to the wall and will be difficult to dismantle. So the size must be right and fit.

Here are the steps to install custom kitchen set in house:

  • Arrange the outer frame first, especially the base of the kitchen set. After that, arrange the side frame, back, and divider inside the kitchen set.
  • Connect each part of the kitchen set with screws and tighten it with a drill.
  • When assembling, make sure that each field meeting is perpendicular. For that, use a waterpass or triangle ruler as a tool.
  • After the outer frame stands firmly, attach the drawers and shelves to the inside of the kitchen set.
  • Install the door and handle
  • Finally, re-finishing furniture with a clean cloth that has been given a glossy liquid.

Consider the style, needs and condition of the room. You will definitely not regret it. Especially if your house is fairly small, try to install this special furniture. Simple and elegant furniture based on your wishes.