/How to Make Old Rattan Furniture Beautiful

How to Make Old Rattan Furniture Beautiful

Do you like old wicker furniture with a romantic look in the room, such as chairs and other furniture? Do you have wicker furniture past its best? In that case, it stands to reason that at some point you may need to know how to paint rattan furniture to help extend its life. Because if your wicker or rattan furniture is still strong and comfortable to wear, but has lost its color, it would be better if you repaint it. It’s very easy and economical.

Preparing the equipment for repainting wicker furniture is essential for a paint job to have a good result. So the first thing to do is determine the type of the wicker you are working with as some cleaning methods are different for each type. The most common are rattan reeds and paper fibers, but each requires different preparations and paint cleaning treatments.

The next step is to start removing all peeling paint as best you can. Get a soft brush or wire and scrape as much as possible. If the peeling is severe, you can use the blade side of a flat screwdriver or a house paint scraper, but be careful not to break the strands as you scrape.

Sometimes, if you are going to be handling rattan from reeds, the peeling paint can also be removed with a high pressure water spray which you can spray it yourself on. Note that it is very easy to damage the rattan reeds with very high pressure and water can weaken the glue joint. Make sure it is completely dry before proceeding. Leave it outside to dry on a warm, windy day.

Once the wicker is completely dry, and you’ve removed all the paint as best you can, lightly sand the rough edges to blend as well as the rough surface for the best paint adhesion. Make sure to apply at least two coats of oil-based wood primer to the bare area, or the finish will soak up, adding to your costs. Using a primer is especially important if you are changing the color of your cut from dark to light. Then after the primer dries, apply two coats of oil-based paint, using either a compressor spray, a spray can, or a brush to apply.

Let all of the paint coats dry before applying the next one, and make sure you don’t sit in a chair until the paint is completely dry for about a week. Your wicker furniture looks beautiful again. You can consider this method for your other furniture. Good luck!