/How to Take Care of Home Furniture Made of Bamboo

How to Take Care of Home Furniture Made of Bamboo

Furniture made of wood or bamboo is actually good in terms of appearance because it shows its naturalness. However, both of these materials have the disadvantage of being easily weathered by termites. After recognizing the various applications of bamboo in furniture and decoration, you need to pay attention to proper care for bamboo interiors.

Stay away from humid rooms
As we all know that mushrooms love humid air. For that, avoid putting bamboo furniture in a humid room like the bathroom. Fungus can reduce the appearance and durability of bamboo.

Cover with termite repellant
Bamboo is very susceptible to insect attack. Therefore, to prevent damage due to insects such as termites, you can coat furniture and decorations using termite repellent.

Wipe using microfiber and Sponge
To clean dust and dirt on bamboo furniture, you can use a microfiber cloth with a soft texture. Wipe slowly and in one direction. Meanwhile, if your bamboo furniture is stained with liquid stains, immediately remove the stain using a dry sponge. The dry sponge is useful for absorbing liquid so that it does not enter the bamboo cavity.

Cover the bamboo with the finishing liquid
This liquid serves as a surface protection for the bamboo. The coating can prevent water from seeping into the bamboo culm.

Avoid bamboo from direct sunlight and rain splashed
This is to make the bamboo does not crack easily. Straight bamboo fibers can cause cracks to spread throughout the bamboo culm.

From some disadvantages of bamboo, there are still many advantages that you can get when using bamboo furniture. Bamboo furniture is easy to move to whichever room you want because it is light. In addition, its beautiful appearance will always be suitable to be combined with other furniture.