/How to Take Care of Your Wallpaper to Make It Last

How to Take Care of Your Wallpaper to Make It Last

The various motifs and the easy installation process make many people so fond of wallpaper. Not only can make the room look beautiful, wallpaper can also last up to 10 years. However, unfortunately, many still don’t know how to properly care for wallpaper, so it’s only been a few years since, the wallpaper has looked dull.
Giving proper care to the wallpaper will make it more durable and maintain its beauty. If not, the walls of the house that were once beautiful can turn dull and the appearance of the house interior looks unattractive. Then, how do you take care of the wallpaper in right ways?

Don’t Install on Moist Walls
Before installing wallpaper, check the condition of the walls of your house. Damp walls are not good area for wallpaper. Moist walls will make the wallpaper that you install quickly damaged and moldy. For that, noticed to the humidity on the walls. If the wall has high humidity, trick it by coating the wall using a special paint that has anti-moisture effect. In addition, before installation, you should clean the surface of the wall from dust, dirt, or layer of paint. For new walls, make sure the walls are completely dry before installation.

Look Into the Installation Process
Caring for wallpaper must be done from the beginning of the installation process so that the wallpaper can last longer. Even though it seems easy, it’s a good idea to leave the wallpaper installation process to the experts. Usually, when you buy wallpaper you can ask the wallpaper seller for help. Many wallpaper sellers also provide installation services. This is important to do so that the wallpaper still looks good and does not tear when installed.

Be Careful During the Gluing Process
You will also need to look the process of gluing wallpaper to make it done properly. Gluing wallpaper should be in flat and not leave gaps. If not, the wallpaper might not be neat and bloated. This condition will damage the beauty of the wallpaper, as well as cause the wallpaper to be damaged quickly. Also, if you want to replace old wallpapers with new ones, don’t stack them. You have to remove the old wallpaper first, then replace it with a new one.

Clean Regularly
Although invisible, dust can still stick to the surface of the wallpaper. If left too long and accumulate, dust can have negative effect. For that, you must clean the dust regularly. You simply clean it with a duster, vacuum cleaner or soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the wallpaper.

Remove Stains with Lime
Accidentally stained wallpaper? Don’t panic. You can use lime juice mixed with warm water to clean these stains. Use this mixed water by rubbing it on the wallpaper using a soft sponge or wet tissue. Try not to make the tool used to clean the stain too wet, just a little damp so as not to damage the wallpaper. Let stand a few moments, then wipe the former rubbing sponge using a dry soft cloth.

Try the Soft Bristle Brush for Stubborn Stains
If the stain still can’t be removed using soft cloth, you can use a brush with soft bristles to clean the stubborn stain. Try to keep rubbing it gently so as not to tear the wallpaper.

Choose Dry Wipe for Paper Wallpaper
Paper wallpapers are one of the most popular to use. For this type of wallpaper, you have to treat it carefully because the paper material is a fairly fragile material. You can clean it with dry cloth. To reach high places, use a broom wrapped in cloth or an old t-shirt as an alternative.

Use a Moist Wipe for Woven Wallpaper
Compared to paper, woven wallpaper will be more difficult to maintain. Wallpaper from woven material has small gaps that are easy to store dust. For this reason, this wallpaper must be cleaned frequently. Well, to clean it, some types of fiber can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Use Vacuum Cleaner for Fabric Wallpaper
How to care for fabric wallpaper is actually similar to cleaning a sofa or carpet by using a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can also use a brush to treat it. Stains that are difficult to clean can be removed by brushing.

By applying some of these methods, it is guaranteed that your wallpaper will still look beautiful and last a long time. Come on, try it!