/HPL For Furniture And Interiors, What Are The Advantages?

HPL For Furniture And Interiors, What Are The Advantages?

There are materials that safe for interior and furniture, as well as environmentally friendly, named High Pressure Laminate or HPL. Furthermore, the use of environmentally friendly materials in home interiors and furniture is an important thing today. The HPL used can affect the user’s quality of life, so choosing materials that have been tested and certified is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

In the interior design, HPL is a coating material that used as the top layer or finishing on wooden furniture, so that it displays a smooth but textured look. HPL itself consists of several layers which are compressed (laminated) under very high pressure, thus creating a very dense, hard and textured form-holding sheet (HPL).

HPL is considered more demanded and less troublesome, because the material is directly affixed to the wood surface. Therefore, the existence of HPL is considered to have begun to shift duco or spray paint as a furniture finishing, and has preferred and widely used by interior companies.

You need to know that HPL is a finishing material that has quite a lot of advantages, such as scratch resistance and strength, infiltration resistance, hygienic, highly resistant to stains and heat, anti-static, healthier and easier to clean and maintain.

For carpenters or furniture craftsmen, working on furniture with HPL is considered easier than wood and duco spray paint. This is natural, because if you use paint, a furniture maker needs to wait for the paint to dry. Furniture finishing with HPL will be neat compared to duco spray paint.