/Indonesia Furniture Attracts Worldwide Consumers

Indonesia Furniture Attracts Worldwide Consumers

Export commodities in Indonesia, especially in the furniture sector, have begun to increase in the international market. This furniture commodity is a very competitive market. With various types and uniqueness of each country that produces furniture, makes the market very competitive.

In 2019 Indonesia became the largest furniture exporter in the world, making Indonesia furniture very well known among furniture consumers in the world.

It happens because the abundance of natural resources in Indonesia and the breakthrough in furniture industry which requires very good quality standards, which has led to high interest from overseas consumers.

As a result, in January 2019, furniture exports commodities were able to obtain an export value of US$100. And reached US$1.5 billion in 2019.

There are several superior products of Indonesia furniture with high sales based on their function. Based on decorative functions, Indonesian furniture is a furniture producer that has diversity in its forms.

One of them is Bali furniture, with specific characteristics that have their own fans. There are also specific products based on function, such as wooden curtains. Rattan furniture is also one of the leading export products from Indonesia. As the countries of the export destinations for Indonesia furniture are America, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.