/Indonesia Rattan Furniture Export

Indonesia Rattan Furniture Export

The use of rattan for furniture has never been out of date, apart from its low price and its strength enough, rattan can also be modern furniture material. Rattan furniture is not only for Indonesian market, Indonesia recently exported five export containers of rattan furniture from 40 export containers produced by 3 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from Cirebon.

40 export containers are planned to sent to some countries such as the United States (US), Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, as well as European Union countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Denmark. This export also shows that Indonesia’s rattan furniture export products are not only able to maintain quality, but also comply with the demand and current world market trends that tend to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, and have legality certificate (V-Legal).

Indonesia itself is one of the world’s largest rattan producing countries. In 2019, Indonesia was ranked 3rd in the rattan product exporter with export share of 6.11 percent, under China which was 45.15 percent and Vietnam 12.49 percent.

Going further into the chain of production of rattan items, it can be used industrially to produce daily life or decorative objects or some construction materials. The transformation of rattan from a natural material to one that can be used in industrial processes requires a series of skills to treat, sort and prepare it. Some entrepreneurs of Indonesia are bringing creative new uses for rattan in fashionable accessories and furniture. Their ultimate success will be a strong step toward the preservation of the rainforests of Indonesia.