/Indonesia Solid Wood: Mahogany And Teak Furniture

Indonesia Solid Wood: Mahogany And Teak Furniture

Furniture is one of the export commodities which always move on, especially in Indonesia. There are many furniture importers from many countries rollicking to order the Indonesia furniture products because Indonesia has good quality furniture. Moreover, Indonesia also has qualified wood materials for furniture products, including; teak, mahogany, boxwood, rattan, etc. From those wood materials, the craftsmen carved it to qualified furniture products.

Find your furniture wish only in Indonesia. Indonesia furniture products are made by skilled craftsmen, demonstrated in qualified design and construction. There are two main wood from Indonesia that become the best sale every years; Mahogany and Teak wood. Mahogany refers to a long-lasting and costly hardwood that is chiefly used in making good quality furniture. It is a unique type of wood which is renowned due to its lovely grain and dark, reddish-brown shade that renders an age-old look to the furniture. Tables that constructed with mahogany are long-lasting and are therefore a good investment.

While Teak wood is a yellowish brown timber with good grains and texture. It is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other furniture where weather resistance is needed. It is also used for cutting boards, indoor flooring, countertops and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. Teak, though easily worked, can cause severe blunting on edged tools because of the presence of silica in the wood. Teak’s natural oils make it useful in exposed locations, and make the timber termite and pest resistant. Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.

Mostly, the furniture products made of wooden material and carved by talented Indonesia craftsman. That’s why, those Indonesia furniture loved by many furniture customers. Wooden home furniture will make your house more pleasure, yet unique looks. With this, your guests will surely feel comfortable in your home and the children would be more like those furniture.